We know that selling your home can be confusing. Do I have equity? Am I upsidedown? Our FREE Home Profit Calculator will help answer those questions for you.

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  • With the recent volatility in the real estate market, the value of your home has seen its way through some major adjustments. So, with several real estate markets stabilizing and some recovering, many homeowners like yourself are asking, “What is my home worth and could I sell it for a...

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  • My husband and I have been facing foreclosure for a number of months, looking at the numbers was hard… But now we know what we have to do. Thanks.

  • I knew my house was underwater, but I didn’t realize how long it would take to break even again. Thanks!


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  • The Kenny Klaus Team offers unparalleled service and we are experts in Arizona Short Sales and avoiding foreclosure. Having been in the Arizona Real Estate Industry for well over ten years, we work with banks and find buyers to help you avoid foreclosure! Kenny is a highly-sought expert and instructor...


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USA Today: Lenders Embrace More Short Sales

Lenders are allowing more short sales by financially strapped homeowners and a few people are even getting cash to complete the sale. Short sales are when lenders allow borrowers to sell homes for less than their unpaid mortgages. They are an alternative to foreclosures. Short sales have been increasing for months, but...
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What is a Short Sale?

A great place to start is to define what a Short Sale is. A Short Sale is an agreement with a lender where a home is sold for less than what is owed. The bank or lender agrees to accept the short sale based on hardships, which are outlined in...
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Where Does the Difference Go in A Short Sale or Foreclosure?

Many people find themselves asking where the difference goes in a short sale or foreclosure. Many homeowners, as they are evaluating their short sale options, are concerned that the banks will later come after them for the balance between the sale and what was owed. Arizona is one of just...
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How Does A Short Sale or Foreclosure Affect My Taxes?

I am often asked how a short sale or foreclosure affects taxes. In general, the difference between the mortgage balance and the sale price is reported to the IRS, and is taxable. In some cased, the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 provides relief. It has been extended to...
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Will I Be Able to Rent Again After a Short Sale or Foreclosure?

Another question on many people’s minds is whether they will be able to buy again after a short sale or foreclosure. Yes, buying again is possible, but there are generally waiting periods, and they differ between short sale and foreclosure. After a foreclosure, the waiting period is typically 5-7 years....
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